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It was a simple plan. Gather all the shops together under one banner, or more precisely one website, showcasing local businesses that over the last few years have put the heart back into our high streets. Here you’ll find many of the elements that are on everyone’s wish list for a decent local high street: a handful of excellent cafes and restaurants, hardware shops, chemists, bakers, greengrocers, a brace of small supermarkets, pubs, bike shops, deli’s and butchers, all local to you and inviting you to come and take a look inside.

In every town, the strength of smaller high streets has not gone unnoticed, the number of independent outlets has risen all over England in every region during the past year and while chain stores have declined, independent shops have moved in, accounting for 89% of retail growth, you may not have even known they are there, until now!

Local Exposure Sithi brings these shops and businesses together in one place, allowing you in to see inside with a Google Virtual Tour. Virtual Tours allow you to see inside the shop, store, bar or restaurant, explore, take a look around and see the types of products and services they offer in a visually appealing way, creating that feeling of familiarity and ensuring that they are the one you want to call, visit or book an appointment with even if they are are physically closed. A virtual tour immediately makes a business more accessible to you, in effect they are open 24 /7 Sithi brings all this and more, for instance, is the business taking precautions to make it COVID SAFE in these strange days, what do other people say about them and what are they offering to entice you in to visit or buy from them?

It’s all here and it’s all local to you.

Thank you for visiting Local Exposure Sithi, we hope you enjoy your look around, and Click Here To Find Your Town

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