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Show Your Customers You Care with a TourSafe 360 Tour

After the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown a lot of businesses will be thinking about their online presence and how they can increase their visibility on the internet in general. An increase in visibility provides more leads from potential customers interested in your products and services hopefully some of these will convert into further interest, including contact and that all-important sale. A business with a solid SEO strategy would really benefit.

It is important that as a local business that you have a handle on the information appearing about your business online. Your Google My Business page which helps get you found if someone does a search for your business on Google search and Google Maps should be kept up to date, especially as this is where a lot of people will go to see if you are open yet and what your hours of work may be particularly post Covid-19. Other information you may need to change is your contact number especially for out of hours.

You may be keeping a Facebook page in the hope this will reach your target audience but that generally would be your existing customers/ family and friends, Google My Business offers new customers the opportunity to find your business. Update your Google My Business as often as your Facebook and if you can’t do it or don’t have the time then we can certainly help out.

Once someone has found your business on Google they may want to see first-hand this is what they are searching for. This is where the more in depth information is key either in the form of a website or enhanced directory listing like a Local Exposure Sithi 360 Enterprise listing. This is where a Virtual Tour really comes into play. You’ve no doubt heard the expression first impressions count well they do. Someone finding your business will want as much information as they can to decide on your business over a local competitor. The Virtual Tour allows them to virtually walk around your business and look at the areas they are interested in. Unlike video it does not play for them, they have to interact and can pan and zoom into the areas they have interest. This creates engagement and familiarity with your busines, so when they visit they know where to go and therefore it cuts down some of the time they may spend not being able to find what they want and potentially risking them leaving the site. Also, in these one in one out days of strict adherence to 2m distances we like to be prepared for where we are going and that where we are going has what we need.

As the internet speeds have increased, so has our thirst for more interactive experiences online, we are no longer satisfied with just text we want more to it we want to see with our own eyes and a virtual tour provides your business with that. You can even add it to your website and link to it form other social platforms so your followers can see and share their experience with their friends and relatives. It’ s the new word of mouth.

By making all these changes your Business listing will be more appealing when potential customers do find it. Remember 50% of people stay on Google they do not click to a website they find all the information they need there so having a good Google presence is as key as a good website.

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